Sunday, January 6, 2008

Shop: Karel Capek

Karel Capek is a Japanese brand that sells tea and related goods. The cute packaging is superb and comprises of beautiful illustrations and desirable products.

We stumbled across their store in Kichijoji (in Tokyo, Japan) when we went to have lunch at one of the few vegetarian cafes in Tokyo. It was fortuitous because the Capek shop was right under the veg cafe on the ground floor (or 1st floor as they call it in Japan).

The shop was smaller than the average Australian lounge room and had 4 staff, one of which gave us free tea to sample. The stock was unbelievable and you want everything. They also produce free catalogues that are like fantastic mini books. I assumed you'd have to pay for them, but they were complimentary.

Also within the store was a pop culture collectables store-ette called Beep! Beep! which I was aware of from the Dream Pets book I got in
Osaka. Again, couldn't have found this one if I was looking for it (didn't have an address) but there it was.

By the way, the Karel Capek brand has nothing to do with Karel ńĆapek, the Czech author, apart from nicking his name.

Check out the brand website here, and marvel!

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