Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Corridor People

Another one from Network DVD, this is super-odd. Filmed on video in 1966. It's a high-concept and super-stylish Detective series starring Elizabeth Shepherd (the almost-Emma Peel).

On the back cover of the DVD it's described as "the Twin Peaks of its day" which is a reasonable comparison, despite the obvious budgetary differences. The Corridor People appears to have been filmed on the cheap, it certainly looks like it, and possibly all done in one take, maybe even live - but these limitations are also a great asset, as what results is very creative. Boom microphones often appear in shot and even if they're not visible, their shadow often is. However, it doesn't really detract from the goings-on as the production is already so bizarre, in a strange way it just fits in. The actors perform in a way that's part interpretive dance, part acting and about 75% camp. It's great.

Anyway - this blogger has already written about it in great depth, enjoy.

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