Saturday, May 21, 2011

DVD - Dim Dam Dom

The grey market DVD companies often turn up some fine oddities. I recently purchased Dim Dam Dom from modcinema* - which features 4 episodes of a late '60s French pop programme.

Apart from the roster of great French stars including Jacques Dutronc, Claude François, Marie Laforêt, Sylvie Vartan, Françoise Hardy, France Gall and Serge Gainsbourg there's also performances from The Easybeats, Manfred Mann and "Les Bee Gees."

Most clips also feature the Dim Dam Dom dancers and the whole thing is a pretty incredible showcase of what can be done with some creativity - most songs are simply filmed against a white or static studio background and some in a single shot, or with only a few edits. The cavalcade of mod fashion and fun choreography is wild, and the picture quality is pretty decent, generally better than I was expecting with some clips showing signs of age or deterioration, but ultimately it really doesn't matter. The only down side is the 'Melody Variete' bug that remains constant throughout the disc, but even that is eclipsed by the on screen fun.

If you're after a bit of '60s pop escapism, this is a good place to go. And a sideline - I was also pleased to learn how to pronounce France Gall's name correctly (it's Fronce Garl apparently, not Fronce Gawl as I had thought).