Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Essendon Record Fair

The smells, the crowds, the dust. Got to love a record fair. Spent little got a lot. Here's some of the highlights, or the ones I could find images of:

The Little Tony album has the back cover as well b/c it's great, the kids one from Poland looks like a nutty folk record. Linda George sings Shoobedoobedoodahday or something (it's good if unspellable) but what an awful album cover - sort of basic brown colour scheme - unlike Ramon Duval's which is worth framing. I also found a single by Noel Ferrier which makes up for again not finding the album by Abigail (there's one out there somewhere with my name on it). I can't find a scan of the Noel EP ("Unfurled") and the scanner's not working so you'll have to imagine (imagination is what we had before Google came along). Noel is draped in a Union jack, on a throne, with a trident and helmet and sings "All You Need Is Love". Gold.