Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dolly Mixture - Everything And More

This is exciting. A Dolly Mixture 3 CD box set of, as the title says, everything and more. CD 1 is the Demonstration tapes album (briefly released some time ago on Saint Etienne's Royal Mint label), CD 2 is all the singles, A & B sides, and CD 3 is the "...And More" - live tracks and rarities. And what about the great sleeve art?

I loved this band before I'd even heard a note of their music after reading about them in the NME or something, probably a less than complimentary article as seemed to usually be the way with their press, but I was keen and no bitter journalist was going to rain on this parade (you could apply the same to Talulah Gosh and Heavenly as well who I always thought were great despite the continuous press slagging they endured). Anyway, over the years I managed to acquire a vinyl copy of their "Baby It's You" single and the Demonstration Tapes double LP. I bought the latter in the Gaslight Records bargain bin for $4 and according to Bob Stanley's liner notes is now quite a collectible achieving 3 figure sums on Ebay. I wish I'd known that when I bought my copy nestled amongst around oh, 40 or so more copies for $4 each. I could have bought around oh, 40 or so more copies... and retired.

If the Dolly's recorded output history is anything to go by this treasure might not be around long so if you're inclined I suggest you place an order asap. I got mine from Rough trade UK but it's also available through the Dolly Mixture website.


David said...

I got this recently and iPodded it immediately. It's good isn't it.

Wayne said...

Ooh yes.