Monday, June 14, 2010

TV Quiz

Do you snack while watching TV?

Yes, if hungry.

What is your favourite TV show?
Of all time - The Twilight Zone. Currently - Being Human, True Blood, United States of Tara, Doctor Who.

What TV show makes you run to change channels?
Sport. Hey Hey It's Saturday.

How do you view your TV guide: online, on-screen, newspaper, magazine, other?
The Age Green Guide, FOXTEL mag and web guide (which has remote booking for the iQ - superb),, TV tonight blog. Yes that's right - TV addict.

Have you ever been surveyed for your TV-viewing habits or do you know anyone who has been?
I wish.

Do you watch TV news and/or current affairs regularly?

Do you watch any TV “soaps”? (Truth please, even if it is embarrassing.)
Not the DOOL variety. I like dramas like Skins, Hung and comedy-dramas like Ugly Betty. I've been enjoying my DVD of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman which is a '70s soap-ish show (but so much more). I find soaps too slow generally. Twin Peaks?

What other series shows do you try not to miss?
The ones I've mentioned and The Dish, Chelsea Lately, The Playlist, Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List, Doctor Who, many more...

Any previous series or shows you really liked?
So many. Just scratching the surface with what comes to mind - Daria, Dr Katz: Professional Therapist, UFO, Night Stalker, dinnerladies, Jam & Jerusalem, Nighty Night, Jason King and and and...

Do you have pay TV or are the digital channels enough?
Got to have FOXTEL. I get it free which is a bonus but I would pay for it.

Do you only watch certain TV shows online?
I don't watch anything online except youtube.

Do you regularly use services like ABC catch-up or other online replays?

Do you ever pay any attention to the adverts?
If they are funny. I certainly did in Japan. Japanese ads are fantastic, and most are only 10 seconds long. They love a jingle and the visuals are so POP.

Do you multi-task while watching TV & if so what else are you doing?
Depends how interested I am in the show, Sometimes read or draw. Crosswords.

Is there a TV show that makes you laugh out loud?
The Dish (Style Network) and My Life On the D-List.

Have you ever said no to a social invitation to stay at home and watch TV? (Truth again please.) Mind telling us what the show was?
No, I have recording facilities. However what are these "social invitation"s of which you speak?

Do you record TV shows & if so why and how (VCR, DVD recorder, TIVO, laptop, etc.)?
FOXTEL iQ. Like a fiend.

Least favourite TV personality/actor/character?
Anyone beige. Many are bores they have on the commericial channels. As in life I prefer the misfits.

Most popular TV personalities/actors/character?
Anyone interesting.

Have you ever seen anything really memorable on TV (not news/events – made for TV drama, etc.)?
There was show I saw as a kid, a ghost show. British, 1970s and I could never remember what it was called until I recently saw it mentioned by Ian Hodgson of Moon Wiring Club. It's simply called Shadows and my memory of it was that is was atmospheric and spooky (in the days when it was ok to scare kids. I miss that). It's not out on DVD as yet but I hope it will be so I can relive it. A lot of the TV I watched as a kid is memorable to me - horror shows, Tomorrow People, Doctor Who, Krofft TV shows, Irwin Allen shows, Monkey, Tales Of the Unexpected etc... Of recent years I found the episode of Six Feet Under (series 4) where David Fisher is abducted by an insane man to be one of the most powerful pieces of TV I've seen. Having said that I wouldn't want to see it again. Twin Peaks was indelibly memorable.

Do you prefer TV series or stand-alone shows?
I like both. Although sometimes a special can leave you wanting more and a series can leave you wanting less.

Is there a specific show you find yourself recommending over and over?
I drive people mad with my recommendations. Current shows - True Blood, Psychoville, United States of Tara, The Hotel Inspector, Tim & Eric's Awesome Show. Great Job! and more... on DVD - Oh! Mikey, The League of Gentelmen, Jam & Jerusalem, lots more...