Friday, January 29, 2010

Moon Wiring Club - The Wire Interview links

These are the clips referenced in the Moon Wiring Club interview in the latest edition of The Wire. Ian Hodgson (MWC) says you (aesthetically) mix these videos up and you have a MWC track.

Robin Of Sherwood titles (music by Clannad)

Theme to Whicker's World (by Graham DeWilde)

Solistice by Brian Bennett

The opening theme to Ace of Wands

The theme to the '80s children's TV show The Book Tower

Music for the SNES game Castlevania 4

"Ring Of Ice" by Jennifer Rush

An episode of "Automan" featuring Laura Branigan

To hear/see the results of this - Youtube Moon Wiring Club videos.

Monday, January 25, 2010

RAGE Retro

I love this time of year, not for the hot weather, no I don't even want to think about that thanks, but for the Saturday night delight that is RAGE Retro, or "Goes retro" or whatever they call it. The old stuff. Countdown, Rock Arena, Flashez and other bits and pieces they choose to throw in.

This week had a whole Flashez episode and a Flashez interview with Air Supply, but sadly not the episode my name was said in. Yes, I was part of this program, albeit a tiny part. I entered their general giveaway competition and my boat came in the day the Silver Studs were on the show. I won albums by The Silver Studs (can't remember the title but it had "Dance With the Dolly with The Hole In Her Stocking" on it), Paul Simon ("Still Crazy After All These Years"), Skyhooks ("Straight In a Gay World"), another one I've forgotten, an autographed Ray Burgess 7" single of "Hot Cookie" ("...I wanna do some home economics with you..." Saucy) and sundry stickers that I wish I still had but they proudly adorned my school folder that year and have since become landfill. AND I got to hear my name on TV which is super-jazzy when you're 10. I no longer have any of the albums I won. Most were given away, and the autographed Silver Studs album I gave to Debbie Nettlingham who possibly still has it in her seaside palace of pop cultural wonder. I thought I still had the Ray Burgess single, but alas, that too seems to have gone. Sorry Ray. No home economics for us.

Anyway, RAGE retro, this week also featured an angry young Ignatius Jones using Countdown to vent his spleen about commercial music and then going on to perform his single 'Whispering Your Name' which isn't terribly innovative really. A bit like the poor cousin to the excellent "Like A Ghost" single he released. Anyway, the Countdown-made clip had Iggy pretending to be a 9-5'er - oh how deliciously droll . You sardonic minx you, and two Gothic gals looking suitably bored with his office-goings on. Or they were actually bored. It's hard to tell. They mustered enough enthusiasm to mime the backing vocals though. My favourite but was Molly's mock-shock in Humdrum when he joked about Iggy's subversive nature "I hope he doesn't swear at me." Touche Mr Meldrum.

There were also two Jimmy & the Boys clips afterward. The Countdown-made 'They Won't Let My Girlfriend Talk To Me' which was quite brilliant (the song, not the clip so much - was it written by Neil Finn? I think so. David, you'll know) and a live performance miming to 'Products Of Your Mind' where Ignatius did that slightly disturbing ankles-behind-the-head thing. Well, everyone needs a party trick.

But, but, but, the best was yet to come with the clip to 'I Eat Cannibals' by Toto Coelo. If you were wondering if there was a prototype Spice Girls, this was it. Lacey, Sheena and three others (I think I'm doing well to remember name for 2 of them) in multi-coloured plastic bag dresses (alright, if we must - bin liners) dancing up a storm and delivering a shameless barrage of puns about food and eating - although it rates much lower on the pun-o-meter than the follow up 'Dracula's Tango' - that one is OTT. Anyway - it's fab. This was written by Barry 'Dancing On A Saturday Night' Blue. They had great chorry too, especially the bit where the Baby Spice one does a half-split. Incredible. I recently heard this song in Ben Sherman so I guess Toto Coelo are back on the boil. Or at least a gentle simmer.

Anyway - Rage Retro. One more week to go I think. Do yourself a favour.