Sunday, March 22, 2009

Music: Gelg

What a great name. Gelg is a sort of made up band that provided the fine music used in the equally fine TV show Look Around You.

A spot on parody of British '70s educational shows made for schoolchildren, Look Around You hasn't seen much airplay in Australia (only on UKTV, briefly) and deserves a wider audience.

Back to Gelg - I love the music they made which has a great Library Music-ish quality about it, it captures the style so well.

You can download the tracks from the BBC website's Look Around You page, or grab them here in a convenient zip file, if you prefer.


PS: Look Around You creator Peter Serafinowicz is also on Twitter.


TeddyK said...

Love Gelg's theme songs. Love "look around you". This Peter Serafinowicz is one talented dude.
Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Thanks very much for this.