Sunday, March 22, 2009

Music: Gelg

What a great name. Gelg is a sort of made up band that provided the fine music used in the equally fine TV show Look Around You.

A spot on parody of British '70s educational shows made for schoolchildren, Look Around You hasn't seen much airplay in Australia (only on UKTV, briefly) and deserves a wider audience.

Back to Gelg - I love the music they made which has a great Library Music-ish quality about it, it captures the style so well.

You can download the tracks from the BBC website's Look Around You page, or grab them here in a convenient zip file, if you prefer.


PS: Look Around You creator Peter Serafinowicz is also on Twitter.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Song: Camino Del Sol

One of my favourites, if not my favourite, Antena song is a gorgeous electro-bossa track called Camino Del Sol (Way of the Sun). It's one of the smoothest pieces they ever recorded, with sparse atmospheric electronics. I've always wanted to learn the lyrics, but my French is poor and I could only work out small parts of it. Numerous Internet searches have proved futile, it seems to be the only thing NOT on the Internet, and I'd all but given up, until I had a chance Internet encounter with the singer herself, Isabelle Antena (nee Powaga).

I have a scan of the Camino Del Sol record on our Flickr page and I was contacted by Isabelle herself just to say thanks for the picture (which I must add here that this is like for some people being contacted by Cher, I was amazed and thrilled to hear from her). She told me her scan of the cover wasn't very good and she's been using the one I had . A few emails of gracious and heartfelt fandom from yours truly and I asked her if she would have the lyrics to Camino Del Sol handy, and they were kindly and radpidly provided, thus ending my long search for them.

As they don't seem to exist anywhere on the Internet I'm adding them here for anyone else who might be looking for them (very literal English translation in brackets - corrections welcome). Thanks Isabelle!

Camino del sol (Way of the Sun)
Camino del sol
Palm beach
Air florida

Station balnéaire (seaside resort)
Climat tropical (tropical climate)
décalage horaire (jetlag)
ambiance amicale (friendly)

Elle: cadre agréable, (Her: pleasant)
sauna , bains de vapeurs, (sauna, steam bath)
chambre confortable (comfortable room)
et TV couleurs (and colour TV)

Lui: Tennis, Bowling, (Him: Tennis, Bowling)
piscine olympique, (Olympic swimming pool)
jaguar au parking (the Jaguar terminal-?)
pour soirées typiques. (for typical evenings)

Soirée animée (Lively evening)
Et slows langoureux (and slow languorous)
Regards amoureux (regards lovers)
Jeux organisés (games held)

Matin difficile (Difficult morning)
Et vapeur d'alcool (andf steam alcohol)
Pour vacances tranquilles (for holiday)
Camino del sol (the way of the Sun)

Camino del sol
Palm beach
Air florida

Camino del sol
Palm beach
Air florida