Sunday, January 4, 2009

Toys: John Sands Brochure

I found this brochure in a board game I bought a few years ago. It shows all the games in the John Sands line up at the time. Click on the images for a better look at the desirable array.


David said...

Can you believe the only one of those games we had in the 70s was Test Match. One more reason to sue my parents.

Wayne said...

That's a gyp. I once won a game of Squatter on Hey Hey It's Saturday and it never arrived. My mother kept urging me to contact them to send it, but I figured I could manage without it. She still mentions it to this day.

We sure did better on the John Sands front, of these we had Twister, Battleship, Around The World, Boob Tube and (ahem) Test Match.