Friday, December 26, 2008

Record: 20 Solid Hits Volume II

This album, the Majestic compilation '20 Solid Hits Volume II' transports me straight back to being a kid when this was one of the small amount of records I owned* (how times have changed...).

There are some great tracks on here including Freda Payne's Band of Gold, Lonely Days by The Bee Gees, Jimmy Cliff's Wild World, Lynn Anderson with Rose Garden, The Osmonds One Bad Apple and Lally Stott's bubblegum classic Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep. I wasn't as keen on Reg Lindsay's Armstrong and Black & Blue by Chain, but you don't care when you're a kid, you just take it all in - well, that was in the days of vinyl, these days the young'uns might not be so forgiving as it's easier to skip a track on a CD. Oh, it's also got Elton John doing Your song and Bobby Sherman (on the cover sitting in a crazy hand-chair) and his hit-0-rama Julie, Do Ya Love Me?

Featured as well on the cover is Lynn Anderson all bedroom eyes and a blonde mane, Freda Payne with her slightly quizzical head tilt, floral top and choker and the band Flake (nothing to do with the chocolate bar or fish that I'm aware of) sitting on some ugly chairs holding two fencing swords. They also have an ottoman, a ye-olde oil lamp and a stuffed dog toy that is made to look half asleep (one eye open) who also has a daisy on its head. Under the title is an geometric circluar pattern (possibly made to resemble a target) and the whole thing is textured which I used to find quite fascinating. What can I say, when you're young you have the time to really go into the detail of these covers...

Also on the back cover is an ad for the Record Selector - "the new space age device for storing and selecting your favourite records" (this prescence, and the K-Tel logo down the bottom, suggest that Majestic was either a front or sub-label/franchise of K-Tel) - I have a Record Selector by the way, a modern marvel, but they do tend to destroy the bottom of the record sleeve. There's also an encouragement for the music lover to purchase 25 Polka Greats which is "NOW ON SALE" in case you were in any doubt - a sales pitch my family, at least, resisted.

*Well... technically it belonged to one of my sisters, but it became mine.

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