Friday, October 3, 2008

My Favourite Record Covers: Grenadine - Goya

This is the first post in a series of my favourite album covers, starting with Goya by Grenadine (Shimmy Disc 1992). I love the classic portraiture - meets advertising - meets high school prom - meets quasi-religiousness - of it all. I've never tried anything from the GOYA range of products they are so lovingly displaying, but this album makes me want to!
Grendine was an indie super group comprised of Mark Robinson (Unrest), Jenny Toomey (Tsunami) and Rob Christiansen (Eggs) and it's is also a superb album full of great and often quite weird-pop songs ("Fillings" for example, which draws a parallel between romance and Dentistry) . I prefered this album to the follow up (Nopalitos) but I really should reassess it now as it's been years since I last played it. It also had a nice cover in a similar style - but it wasn't quite Goya.

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