Monday, August 4, 2008

TV: Adventure Island

I've been reading a book about British Cult Children's TV shows and it got me thinking about Adventure Island here in Australia. I used to watch this regularly, I think, I mean, I was a very tender age when it was on, and to be honest I can really only remember a few bits and pieces from the show - Nancy Cato, or more likely Sue Donovan, reading the story, the village with the Pandas, Flowerpot and Clown. Oh, and of course Miser Meanie . It's not a lot of a memory really, but I know that my little-tacker self was quite besotted with this show (and Andy Pandy, but that's another post).

Anyways, best I can do at the moment is offer a few pictures. I do have a record album and book of the show which I'll endeavour to dig up and scan. If I get really modern and find some spare time I'll see if I can convert some the album to mp3 for some "sharing" as the kids call it. Then we can be modern together.


Bonito Club said...

I remember coming home one day and tuning in to the final episode of Adventure Island. So sad! Also remember Nancy Cato on the Magic Circle Club with Fred Bear. Fred later went onto Fred Bear's Breakfast A-go-go with Judy Banks.

Ann O'Dyne said...

"we really must stop the naughty clock that says it's time to go ... "

Mistress Bel said...

I loved Adventure Island too. I think the highlight of my life was when my illustration of the cast got shown and Miss Sue and Mr House commented about it. For several years the show kept posting me photos of the cast and special Adventure Island charts that named me a member. Last year there were some clips from AV on You tube. I think the opening credits are still there. When i watched it last year it gave me afreaky tingly sensation. You tube also had that final ep and and abc news special on its finale.


Anonymous said...

I went today to see the NEW stage show of the NEW Adventure Island with my young daughter.

John Michael Howson and Bruce Rowland have recreated a basic version of the original show with updated characters but all with the same feel I remember from my childhood.

They ARE looking at a redux on the small screen if someone will give them a go. I think it would be great to see the old style of Panto back on the small screen for the kids.

Come on, give it a try.