Sunday, August 10, 2008

Designer: Jonathan Adler

I've banged on before about Johnathan Adler (in ye olde Toolybird blog), but I want to go there again, not just because he's fantastic, but because there's a new reality show on Arena called Welcome To The Parker. The Parker is a ritzy hotel in Palm Beach USA which was designed reception desk to pool by J.A. I recognised some of the suites from pictures in his style-bible - My Prescription For Anti-Depressive Living (which I picked up on Amazon for a paltry amount, something mad like $4 or thereabouts).

Anyway, if you've got Arena on your TV you could do worse than check it out. In one of the episodes J.A. comes to stay at The Parker, so that should be fun. He brings his dog, Liberace, seen here looking adorable as always.

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