Monday, February 11, 2008

Album: Bill Nelson - Quit Dreaming And Get On the Beam

This is nuts, and I should know as I played it constantly in my younger days. This was a find from the Shepparton store Fairleys in their Record department in a bargain bin. Fairleys was like Harris Scarf or any other department store I guess, but funnily enough it HAS now become a Harris Scarf store - so the circle is complete.

Anyway, back to nutty old Bill Nelson. He was in Be Bop Deluxe who I have never heard and don't expect to any time soon. His post BBD albums seem to have elements of rock and electro which is often pleasing, sometimes awful but usually interesting. QDAGOTB is more poppy than some of his records. Do You Dream in Colour was the alterna hit, or should have been, with its bonkers synthy boing boing bit and typewriter ching when Bill hits the musical punch-line "Do you dream at alllll..." *ching*). There's titles like Banal, Living in My Limosine (as in, "there's something living in..." - isn't that David Lynchy?) and the lyrics to Vertical Games go "I like to make love, when the music goes strange" which is trippy and creepy all in one. Youth of Nation On Fire (no, I don't know why they are on fire), is bouncy like electro-reggae and the title track is spookily ambient in an attractive way. I could listen to this album all day and still never work out why I actually wanted to in the first place.

I got all my Bill Nelson vinyl from bargain bins so I thought it only proper I should splash out on the LTM CD reissue of this album which comes with extra tracks such as his crazy/great single Rooms With Brittle Views -which I also got many years ago from a record store throw out bin. Again the circle is complete.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Artist: Ryohei Yanagihara

Brilliant Japanese artist Ryohei Yanagihara, most famous for his illustrations for Tory's alcohol. I found 2 books of his work in Japan.