Saturday, January 5, 2008

Postcard: Squirrel

As I love squirels and postcards this is a dream combo really. The colours are pretty great in this one too, it looks a little hand painted.


mark said...

Welcome back and Happy Nutty 2008!

That squirrel sure is a cute one. And no CGI nuts! Hand colored pics always remind me of Stevie Nicks. I recall reading some time ago this was her fave hobby. Dreams unwind and loves a state of mind....indeed. And I wasn't even a fan!

Boy of boy, its a hot one in Melbourne tonite! And I missed the Pufnstuf movie this arvo on the ABC. I had not seen it since my childhood. I don't even think its on dvd yet. And shame on the Mamas and the Papas doco shown last week. No mention of Mama Cass' bewitching appearance in that Kroftian extravaganza.

Wayne said...

Me too, although fortuitously I did catch the last 30 mins (the one week I didn't look carefully through the Green Guide!), the bit that has the witches convention where they sing 'Zap The World' and Mama Cass sings 'Different', so it wasn't a complete loss! No it's not on DVD as yet, but the Krofft stuff is starting to appear so fingers crossed. The soundtrack is out on El records in the UK though.

Stevie sitting by the tiffany lampshade hand painting angels and geese in bonnets. What a lovely image.