Monday, December 31, 2007

Badge: HELLO my name is

These are great and scarily friendly items to wear. What could be more perky than announcing your name to the world, and to what ends, who knows? I expect they're worn for social events mostly but could be fun for a day around town to see what sort of a response you get. Be careful of spelling though, I recall a sales rep from my old place of work whose name was Sig (as in Sigmund) but spent an entire conference with a name tag that said 'Fig'.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Postcard / TV: arena

The Cable channel ARENA (or arena, as it was then) used to be this great mix of sci fi, mystery, art house, b-movies, kitsch and schlock. Their tagline was 'the art of television' and it was my dream channel.

arena produced a number of shows that were uniformly excellent, including The Hub - a funny pop culture critique hosted by Amanda Keller (who was later to recreate this show on the ABC under the name Mondo Thingo), Inside The arena was a weekly look at TV in a Talk Soup-y kind of way (hosted by Tony can'trememberhissurname who went on to host The Fat on the ABC) and Fridays were The Graveyard Shift, hosted by Tabitha (Clutterbuck) who brought a sassy and intelligent twist to the horror host(ess) game. The Graveyard Shift featured movies by Ed Wood, Val Lewton, Dario Argento and loads of classic horror and sci-fi. Tabitha was not only a great host but was also a scholar of these films which showed in her hosting.

These promotional postcards give an idea of the flavour of content. In 2000 the channel morphed into a new-agey, chatty, sitcom structure which wasn't to my taste, but has since changed again into something somewhere between to two (with shows such as The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Will & Grace etc...).

I'll always miss the Friday Night Graveyard Shift (where are you now Tabitha?).

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Card: Wonderful Australia Series

These cards come from the "Wonderful Australia Series" made in 1984 by Galah Greetings - C217 and C209 respectively.

Australia, where every Westinghouse freezer has an (unharmed) emu popping out and you can cuddle a roo by Ayres Rock.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Record: Pinky & the Killers

It's Pinky & the Killers - 60's, Japanese, stylish pop-in-bowlers. Fab.

This single was given to me by Dougee Dimensional and I've since tracked down a few more (including 2 in Japan recently). I also found a CD collection of their hits in the RECOfan in Shinjuku. They are all great.

I ask you, how could you not love this band?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Postcard: New Orleans

I can't remember where I found this postcard, but I bought it in the mid-80's, and probably at an Op Shop.

It's of a motel in New Orleans (or so the pool tells me) and I think it looks unbelievably fantastic in that 60's motel-y kind of way.

I hope to stay there one day. If I do I'll send a postcard.